'Babes in the Wood'
Bob Heather and Roger Lamb
Mrs Piper, the owner of a pie shop in Nottingham, and her son Tom, get into deep trouble when Tom is accused of stealing the Sheriff of Nottingham’s prize pig. As punishment, the Sheriff closes down the pie shop and forces Tom and his Mother to move into the castle to look after Sadie and Simon, two young children that the Sheriff’s late brother had fostered to the Sheriff in his will. Fun and games start when the Sheriff realises that he is to inherit his brother’s fortune if anything was to happen to the children. However, all his evil plans are thwarted by Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Tom and Mrs Piper. The other wonderful characters include Friar Tuck, Little John, and the Sheriff’s two dopey deputies, Doo-Dah and Day.

There are twelve Principal Characters plus Chorus
Running time aprox 110 minutes

Tears of laughter flowed down my cheeks the whole time. - - - West Sussex County Times
Bright and breezy, with plenty of family fun. - - - Norwich Evening News

'Babes in the Wood' script cover'Babes in the Wood' script cover