Babes in the Wood
a traditional family pantomime by

The Sheriff of Nottingham wants money and lots of it. He employs two new tax inspectors Stuff and Nonsense to double his income. When his nephew and niece Teddy and Tilly arrive he is determined to kill the Babes and keep their inheritance. Robin Hood and his merry men try to thwart his plans with insider help from Rosie Cheeks, Marion and Much. Will the Sheriff win the archery contest and capture Robin Hood? Will the people of Nottingham have to endure Alan A'Dale's singing for much longer? All will be revealed in this wonderful panto romp set in Nottingham.
This pantomime is brim-full of fun and humour for the kids and grown-ups alike.

There are seven main cast members (9M 4F) and several smaller parts (M & F), along with a chorus of Townsfolk and Children.

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