The Spooky Eyes consist of four black lightweight poles with two amber LED's on each, to represent wild animal or spooky eyes
The LED's are at one end of the pole, and a battery and press switch at the other.
Ideal when the stage is in semi-darknes, the stage hands poke the sticks out on stage, press the button switch for about five seconds then release switch again.
They move the stick to a slightly different place on stage and repeat.
This will give the audience the impresion that many sets of eyes are watching. The sticks are aproximatly 1m in length

HIRE FEES - ₤10 per fortnight (14 days) - ₤15 per month (31 days) - DELIVERY FEES - ₤7.50
It is the hire's responsibility to retun the props the Dublar at the end of the hire term.
₤45 security deposit required, returnable when Spooky Eye effect is returned in good order.

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