Bob Heather and Roger Lamb
Mrs Olivia Crusoe runs an old inn on the quayside in the port of Hull with her two sons, Robinson and Billie. Robinson is in love with Polly Perkins, the daughter of the local Squire, and while they are out walking along the shore, they discover an old bottle containing a treasure map. Robinson decides to look for the treasure, so Squire Perkins loans him his ship “The Black Goldfish”. They take on a Captain and crew, but Captain Hand is really a pirate and wants the treasure map for himself. Mrs Crusoe and Billie also end up going on the voyage as cook and cabin boy, along with Polly and her father. As they are nearing the island, Captain Hand steals the map and throws Robinson and his friends overboard. Our gallant friends are washed ashore on Skeleton Island to find that it is inhabited by Friday, an old castaway, and several Cannibals. To add to the mayhem, they discover Captain Hand and his cut-throats have landed on the island as well. But good wins over bad and our friends return home and live happily ever after.

There are twelve Principal Characters plus Chorus - Running time approximately 120 minutes

A classic panto with an up to date script - full of laughs for everyone - Winton Players
A traditional panto with lots of heart. - A genuinely fun evening. - Petersfield Post

Robinson Crusoe