Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett
The best panto ever




When arch villainess and art thief Mary Arty decides to take over London's criminal underworld, she takes a step too far when she kidnaps Sheer Luck Holmes' God-daughter Wendy and a visiting Prince. With the help (or is it hindrance) of his housekeeper and Wendy's mother, Dottie Watson (the frustrated inventor of fantastical gadgets); along with Police Sergeant Arthur and his two bungling bobby's Cone and Oil. Holmes tracks the villains down to their secret hideaway to release Prince Hugo and Wendy, and retrieve the stolen paintings. With many blunderings along the way, Sheer Luck Holmes wins the day in this traditional family pantomime full of humour, laughs, and fun.

There are nine main characters; Several smaller parts; Dog (skin part); Adult chorus of Londoners, and burglars; Junior Chorus of street urchins and rats; plus Dancing Chorus. (Minimum 19 adult roles and 6 juniors.)
Running time approximately 110 minutes.

Pantomime with a capital "P" - All of the familiar panto ingredients and characters are here. The story moves at pace to the happy ending with quick-fire repartee, reminiscent of Abbot and Costello coupled with lots of action, audience participation, song and dance, a love story and lashings of corny jokes. - - - - - - Independant reviewer

Sheer Luck Holmes had all the familiar ingredients including boos for the baddie and cheers for the dame that appealed to children and adults of all ages. - - - - - - Hereford Times

This is a pantomime I have never seen before, and I wasn't disappointed as it had all the elements and spectacle one would expect from a more traditional panto. - - - - - - Kathy West (NODA)

Sheer Luck Holmes ticked all the right boxes and gave audiences a good and entertaining night out. - - - - - - Essex Chronicle

Using Holmes as the basis for a pantomime is an excellent idea, offering plenty of opportunity for comedy from bungling burglars and plodding policemen. - - - - - - Amateur Stage

Sheer Luck Holmes puts a hilarious new twist on the much loved Arthur Conan Doyle stories. - - - - - - Harborough Mail