Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett
Robin Hood by Bob Heather and Cherryl Barrett

When Robin Hood returns to Nottingham after a stint in the crusades, he meets the Sheriff's ward, Maid Marion and falls in love, only to find out that the Sheriff himself has designs on her. Marion isn't the only thing the Sheriff desires, the whole of Sherwood Forest is under threat of his evil selfishness when Robin's outlaws discover plans for the forest to be chopped down for the Sheriff's new money-grabbing venture.
Robin and his band of Merry Men with the aid of Holly Jockey-Sticks, the woodland Fairy; Marion's nanny, Nellie Scarlet; and her son Wally set out to thwart the evil Sheriff once and for all to ensure good, will always win over evil. Robin Hood is a traditional family pantomime with all the ingredients of a fun-filled show.
Running time aprox 130 minutes. - There are twelve main cast members (9M - 3F - some male parts can be played by females) plus a Pantomime Horse, and a chorus of Townsfolk, Knights, Children, Fairies and Pixies

Robin Hood by Bob Heather and Cherryl Barrett

The show had a gag within gag complexity, and an amazing frequency of jokes. - All in all, a lovely event. ~ Fourville Players

A traditional script that made me giggle from the very start. - A family panto with slapstic, comedy, and corny jokes for everyone. ~ Gloucester Echo

Described as a traditional pantomime, Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett have certainly achieved that. - The running gags (The Archers theme music, audience participation, etc.) are just some of the elements that go to make this a successful show. ~ Southern Daily Echo.

A first class traditional panto with some very witty dialogue. Just the right length of time for a pantomime - always leave your audience wanting more. ~ NODA.

The humour appeals to the younger audience, who get a chance to yell and sing, and also to the older members as they appreciate the numerous double entendres. ~ Romsey Advertiser.

I enjoyed this script right from the first page. It is one of those that jumps up and makes me want to direct it myself. - I would recommend this script to any theatre company to produce. ~ Amateur Stage
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