Humpty Dumpty
An egg-ceptionally traditional British pantomime for all the family

Many years ago, Salmonella, a wicked Fairy caught a young troll named Humpty Dumpty, and decided to trap him in an egg. The Fairy then put a curse on the egg that should anyone break it or set the troll free, misery and mayhem would rule the Kingdom. One-hundred years later, the Wicked Fairy returns to the Kingdom of Albuminia in order to release the Troll from the egg to do her evil bidding, much to the citizens dismay, and conjures up a plan to tip the egg from the wall. The Troll is very angry and upset, and blames the citizens for not releasing him before now. The Wicked Fairy takes Humpty under her wing for him to do as she bids. The King and Queen are shocked that things aren't so merry in the Kingdom any more - to add to this, their daughter, Princess Michelle, has fallen in love with Egwina's son Benedict, a commoner. Salmonella orders Humpty to kidnap Princess Michelle and take her to her secret lair in the mountains. The King and Queen are distraught and proclaim that anyone who can find Princess Michelle and return her to the Palace shall have the Princess' hand in marriage. Benedict, his brother Egbert and mum Egwina along with the King's Men and their horse, Nutz, and a little hand from Souffle, the good fairy, set off on a quest to rescue the Princess and restore harmony to the Kingdom - the rest is history.

There are ten main cast members (6M 4F), plus a pantomime horse, and several smaller parts (M & F), along with a chorus and junior chorus of Townsfolk and Sprites.

A truly great panto. Oh yes it was! A brilliant evening's entertainment - Independant reviewer