Jack and the Beanstalk
A traditional family pantomime by

Jack Bean and his Grandmother are very poor and live in a tiny cottage in the village of Soggy Bottom. One day Granny decides to send Jack to market to sell her faithful old cow, Daisy. While Jack is on his way to market, he meets an old woman who buys Daisy from him for a purse full of beans. When Jack returns home, Granny throws the beans into the garden. During the night the beans grow into a giant beanstalk. In time honoured tradition, Jack climbs the beanstalk to the Giantís castle, where he meets Lima, the Giantís slave-girl, who helps him to escape. As with all good pantomimes, everyone lives happily ever after. The other colourful characters include Jasper, an ancient yokel; Harry Coe, the wicked Squire; Fetch and Carry, the squire's bailiffs; Mrs Mungus, the Giantís wife; and of course, Hugh Mungus, the Giant.

There are twelve main characters, plus pantomime cow and chorus.
Running time approximately 120 minutes

Traditional, family panto with something for everyone, whether they are nine or ninety.... The perfect end to the Christmas season.
Romsey Advertiser
All the elements of fun, fantasy, songs and laughter, with good overcoming evil
New Forest Post
Jackís magic beans bring adventure.... A wonderful show
Gloucestershire Echo
Traditional pantomime at itís best.... A great show.
Southern Daily Echo

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