The Pantomime

Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett
The best panto ever
Jack and Jill the Pantomime isn't just the story of a boy and girl who went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
As befits a magical story there is a crystal fountain and a golden pail.
It has a good Fairy and an evil Fairy plus the wonderfully eccentric and dotty Brown Owl
and Akela. Throw into this mix nurse Norma Snickers the dame, and her beau Walter Butt
and you have all the ingredients for another traditional fun-filled family pantomime by
Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett.

There are ten main characters; a few smaller parts; Adult Chorus of Citizens, Sprites, and Heralds; Junior Chorus of Children, Fairies, Cubs and Brownies; plus Dancing Chorus. (Minimum 15 adult roles and 6 juniors.)
Running time approximately 125 minutes

A pantomime based on this particular nursery rhyme is unusual, the way the story develops is very familiar and traditional. It is a nice enough tale and there is some good comic tension played out between the King and the Queen. - - - - - - Amateur Stage

The best panto ever