Over the years, I have written, acted in, directed, produced and been adviser to many pantomimes.
The talk lasts approximately 2 hours, which includes showing you simple ways of adding
more humour, professionalism, sparkle and spectacle to your show.

Among the topics, we will be discussing:-
Pantomime traditions. - Routines and business. - Injecting visual comedy into your show.
Dames, Comic duo's and other comic characters. - Baddies (Boo, hiss) and Goodies (Hurrah).
Interacting with chorus and audience. - Dealing with Pantomime animals.
How to ensure your performances are slick, polished, and full of pace.

The two hour talk costs - ₤50 for up to 30 people.
There are no traveling fees involved for distances of up to 75 miles from the Hampshire area.
Quotes available for further distances.