The beanstalk measures 12ft (3.65m) high with a 2.5ft (.75m) footprint tapering to just under 1ft (.3m) circumference at the top.

The beanstalk comes complete with five extensions, ranging from 5.5ft (1.7m) to 6ft (1.85m) so that they can be used to extend the
height of the beanstalk, for extra tendrils to creep over fence or hedgerow, or to drop 'n' drape over the fallen giant.

The beanstalk has many sparkling beans and bean flowers to help catch the effect of the stage lighting (See photographs).

The beanstalk is operated by pulley. It is always best to use stage lighting safety wire or similar. The beanstalk is very light, but please ensure your system is up to the job and is safe.

The beanstalk can be set and hidden (flat) behind a low fence or hedgerow, or even in a dustbin or wheelie bin, then at the given moment,
a stage hand will slowly hoist the beanstalk. This looks especially magical if you use dim stage lighting with a green spot or laser on the beanstalk. You can even use a hazer (smoke machine) at the same time from the base of the beanstalk for even more effect.

- - -