by Bob Heather
'Dick Whittington'

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Dick Whittington travelled to London to find fame and fortune, but when it eluded him, he started heading back home to Gloucester. By the time he reached Highgate Hill, he had made friends with a cat that had been following him. Whilst talking to the cat, Dick hears the bells of London tolling in the distance, they seem to be telling him - "Turn again Whittington, Lord Mayor of London". Dick heads back to London and adventure. When he reaches Cheapside in London, he meets Alderman Fitzwarren and his beautiful daughter, Alice. Things start to go wrong for Dick, when he is falsely accused of stealing Alice's necklace. Dick decides to run away to sea, only to be joined on board ship by Alderman Fitzwarren and his entourage. The other colourful characters include; Sarah Stewpot, Fitzwarren's cook; Fitzwarren's shop-boy, Idle Jack; Captain Slog and his Bosun from the good ship Enterprise; The Sheikh of Morocco; and Karaffe, the Sheikh's witch-doctor.

Twelve Principal Characters (one of which is a cat) plus Chorus (some with small speaking roles)
Running time approximately 120 minutes

Plenty of laughs for all the family. - - - - Norwich Evening News

There was plenty of comedy for the younger ones and the cleverly written script ensured there were lots of laughs for mums, dads and grandparents too
Berwick Advertiser