a traditional family pantomime by
Peter Bond and Bob Heather

When King Cuthbert is about to wed Princess Primrose from a neighbouring kingdom, he decides to have a brand new suit of clothes made for his wedding, so he announces a competition to make a new suit for his marriage to the Princess.
The King's evil brother, Baron Grumbleguts, thinks of this as an ideal time to usurp the King and take over the throne, so he puts his evil plan into action. He lures gullible brothers, Jingle and Jangle, along with their mother Trudy Lyte to make an invisible suit, to humiliate the King so he would have to give up his throne. The Baron didn't count on the Deputy Superintendent of Vegetables from the palace garden to thwart his evil plans.
This pantomime is chock-full of fun and hilarity for the kids and grown-ups alike.
There are thirteen main cast members (6M - 7F) and six smaller parts, along with a chorus of Villagers, Soldiers, Children and Fairies.
Running time aprox 105 minutes

The "magic sewing machine" used within this script is available for hire. - click for details

Peter Bond and Bob Heather's version of Hans Anderson's story presses all the right panto buttons. - Southern Daily Echo
This is panto at its biggest and blingiest best, with fun and laughter for everyone. - Salisbury Independant Local
Very much a proper pantomime and it was enjoyed by young and old - Well worth venturing out on a wet winter's evening to have so much fun. - Margaret Fields NODA
Peter Bond and Bob Heather's version of this classic story worked very well as a pantomime, the writer's having the right amount of jokes and panto magic in the
script to work with. - Sardines Magazine

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