Surprise Me DarlingSurprise Me Darling
a full-length comedy play by Bob Heather

John and Chrissie have been married for nearly two years.
With a pending anniversary, buying presents has never been John's good point, so he takes the easy way out by trying to give Chrissie the money to buy her own present, but she insists that she would prefer a surprise. After a rushed and fraught filled dinner party where everything goes wrong, John decides to change his ways and surprise Chrissie more often, but he finds the element of surprise is not easy to master. This full length comedy play has wit and laughter running through from start to finish with not one, not two, but three surprises in the final scene to keep the audience guessing.
There are nine cast members (5M - 4F)

This witty comedy will have you wincing at times with the near pin-point accuracy of the relationship comments it makes. - The women in the audience will nod their heads gleefully as the blokes miss the point. - It is sure to delight audiences in search of a great nights entertainment. - - - Amateur Stage.
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